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Motor Generator Kits

Over the last twelve years we have offered a wide range of experimental and educational kits that have been used by the hobbyist wishing to power their home to the engineer wishing to go beyond the limits of conventional technology. See our 180 Youtube videos for examples. Students all over the country were also using these kits to win science fairs as they confounded their teachers and thrilled their peers while going beyond the limits of their teaching. Many of the kits sold by Renaissance are also battery chargers that did similar things as our commercial battery chargers. They could help restore batteries and allow you to keep your batteries. With prolonged usage we often saw a kind of growing effect in the batteries which results in increased capacity. Time will tell what the limits are.

Customers have been invited to learn the basics of this technology through the DVDs, books, and email forums where volunteers have helped thousands of people all over the world replicate these devices.

The following article describes the problems with pulsing a DC inductor We have previously added an additional battery or capacitor in series with the flyback diode (in parallel with the inductor) as a filter to help prevent the destructive spike from ruining the motor circuitry. We have explored other options such as transformers and other resistive elements such as bulbs to accomplish the same filtering and increased efficiency ends. 

Output of these systems depended on the Size, Voltage, and Condition of the batteries used on the charging side. It varied so much that this is the only brief answer that can be given. We have seen people get 50% recovery to many times more  recovery depending on these three facts (combined with tuning it right). We could never promise any results because of these variables. We have provided larger parts kits with the assumption that people have already seen the results on a smaller scale with the instructions we have provided. 

All these systems use an unique process that creates a reversing process in the batteries themselves, where the charging batteries are usually constantly connected in series to the primary powering bank where it is conventionally understood that such primary battery bank could not charge the secondary batteries. This further amazes the observer when the secondary battery banks could be 10 times the voltage of the primary banks.

We have recommend that customers learn the basics of this technology and prove to themselves what they wish to prove on a small scale before they jump ahead of themselves and attempt to build a bigger system. At this time we cannot provide personal coaching to customers as we have spent years posting thousands of emails and have provided many videos to help in this way. We do this at our conventions. Our kits have come with assembly instructions but we do not cover applicational topics. At the July 29-31 2011 Free Energy Convention we attempted to cover many of the questions people have along these lines and displayed many systems running. We displayed the Renaissance rider Lawnmower, the Renaissance Porsche, and the Renaissance Boat at the July Convention. We continue to have conventions throughout the year.

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