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What has been the Unique Process of Renaissance Technology?

What is so special about what we have done? We have offered several unique processes that fundamentally differ from most conventional battery chargers and motors.

Ideal Battery Charging
Common battery chargers push current from a source to a battery which over time causes damaging heat and degrading chemical processes that decrease the usable capacity in such batteries. The Renaissance process has done just the opposite inside of the battery allowing for battery restoration, longevity and increased capacity. The charging process is cold (while the rejuvenation process, as totally distinguished from charging, will create some heat during that chemical process). The process triggers what some call an event in time which gives us many benefits. This is to be understood as a disruptive discharge carefully controlled with an acceptable method of capturing the benefits in a suitable load. While this may not define the nature of the energy in itself, we only intended to discuss the process in which we may benefit from it.

Higher Motor Efficiency and Impossible Charging Methods
Another benefit some have found in the use of the Renaissance process was in the area of efficiency. The battery charging may not only have given you added efficiency in the fact that you can keep your batteries and restore many useless ones, but we also discovered a way to make a motor into a battery charger at the same moment it performs its motor function. 

This is just the Beginning
There are many other more advanced or related processes that we use which are too numerous to mention on this page. Each process is environmentally beneficial and saves people money. In many ways our systems produce opposite results of conventional technology and thus it is often hard for people to get used to them. It is often hard for engineers to evaluate the technology as it is outside of their training and experience, and the meters they use are mostly unsuited for testing in the ways they have been taught to use them.

Education Without Prejudice
So part of our our Unique Process is to teach all people to examine carefully their presuppositions and be willing to really see what is available to them in the environment around them. From simple patience in investigation and avoidance of ignoring lessons learned in supposed bad results, to encouraging people to experiment beyond what they thought was even possible, we inspire people in the scientific method to really become scientific and practical.

Learn by Experimentation and Help each other
Finally, the only way to really learn what we are talking about is to begin to experiment. Renaissance Charge has worked night and day to help you do this. We have made the motor processes an open source technology so that we can all learn together and benefit each other. We desire to expand our capabilities in this way and seek your support in buying our products and attending our Conventions. Together we can see a brighter future where batteries do not have to be replaced, and costs of energy are merely in the making of the machines, and where pollution is a memory of the past.