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July 2011 Convention

DVDs of this Convention:



A Convention giving people a chance to spend time with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual Assembly and Discussion of Cutting Edge Alternative Energy Technology.

Focus is on:


We need everyone to participate in the voting polls to give you the most options.


Location: Coeur D'Alene Resort See Tour of Resort

Date: Weekend of July 29, 30, 31.

Registration: 7:30-8:30AM July 29. Limit of 1100 persons.

To use our website shopping cart to pay, click here.

Cost: $480 person. Send to:

Renaissance Charge, LLC
10183 N Aero Dr. Ste 3
Hayden, ID 83835

Or pay with credit card: $480 

Or help us get this going and partially register with $100 or $200 right now, and pay the rest later.

$100  $200  $80 

Or opt out of the 3 lunches and the kit for $350 

Please pass around our one page Flyer: 

Sponsors Needed: We are looking for 10 sponsors to advertise during this three day event. Each will get aprox. 10 feet of table space to display and sell product as well as 17 feet of banner space to display on the back wall of the Convention rooms, and also two one foot banner near the motors on display.

One other place will be available as well. Each company is allowed one or more spots. Only 10 spaces available. Contact us at [email protected] if you are serious and have related and appropriate businesses to display.

CDA Hotel Group Rate booking: Use Event name Renaissance: 1-800-688-5253


Prices are $199, $259, and $309 for limited time.



Airport: Spokane International 40 minutes away. CDA Resort can transport.


The Renaissance Battery Chargers; with the New Solar chargers and the New EV Chargers.

The Bedini Monopole Energizers and

Bedini/Cole Magnetic Window Motor Energizers;

The Renaissance Lawnmower with new Bedini Magnetic Window Motor and Controller. First of three Renaissance Free Energy Vehicles.

The Renaissance Porsche with new Bedini Magnetic Window Motor and Controller. Second Renaissance Vehicle.

The Renaissance Cabin Cruiser Boat with new Bedini Magnetic Window Motor and Controller.


Rick Friedrich, Renaissance Charge, LLC. Main speaker and Instructor.

Subjects: Introductions, Renaissance Products, R&D, Online Group Forums, Advanced Motor Generator Kit Assembly Direction, Bedini Electric Vehicle Conversions and Charging, Commercial and Homepower Application of Bedini Technology in Large 100 Coil Monopole and other surprise systems.

John Bedini, Energenx, Inc. Special Guest, Rare Appearance of Legendary Inventor.

Subjects: General Overseeing of Discussions and Programs, John's History of his motors, Questions and Answers throughout Conference, Commercial and Homepower Application of Bedini Technology, Overview of the Big Surprise Event(s).

Josh Gowen, John Koorn, Tom Childs, BediniMonopole Groups Moderators.

Subject: Overview of the progress of the Bedini Monopole Open Source Online Group Forums. Direction of the main workshop, and presentation of the Bedini_Monopole3 2011 group project. Help with the 3 Pole and 10 pole monopole contests.

'Little' Matt Siri,

Subject: Large Tesla Coil presentation. Matt will demonstrate his large Tesla coils, and the new related kits, and explain where Tesla coil research is today.

Conference Schedule: Details will be added over the next few months.

Friday July. 29


8-8:30AM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers. Informal time to talk to each other.

8:30-10:15AM Introductions. Outdoor Events viewing of the Renaissance Porsche and and Cabin Cruiser Boat, etc

10:15-10:30AM Coffee break/Q&A. Informal time to talk to each other.

10:15-Noon. Outdoor Events viewing of the Renaissance Porsche and and Cabin Cruiser Boat, etc

Noon-1:15 Lunch break

1:15-3PM Outdoor Events viewing of the Renaissance Porsche, Lawnmower, and Cabin Cruiser Boat, etc.

3-3:15PM Coffee break/Q&A. Informal time to talk to each other.

3-6:30PM Demonstrations of 1, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 30, coil monopole energizers and various Magnetic Window Motor Energizers with practical applications.

6:30-7PM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers. Informal time to talk to each other.

Saturday July 30

7:30-8:30AM Registration

8-8:30AM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers. Informal time to talk to each other.

8:30-10:15AM Introductions, Misc. speakers: Rick Friedrich: History of Renaissance, past, present, future.

10:15-10:30AM Coffee break/Q&A. Informal time to talk to each other.

10:15-Noon. Large Tesla Coil presentation by 'Little' Matt.

Customer and Forum testimonies, replications, and demonstrations.

Noon-1:15 Lunch break

1:15-3PM Main Event first Workshops. Building of mini Window motor energizer in main rooms. General discussions about Window energizers. Advanced workshop, building of larger Window motor energizer and advanced testing.

3-3:15PM Coffee break/Q&A. Informal time to talk to each other.

3-4PM Continued First Events.


4:30-6:30PM Second Main Event Group Project/Q&A. Building air battery kit.

6:30-7PM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers. Informal time to talk to each other.

Sunday July 31

7:30-8:30AM Registration

8-8:30AM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers

8:30-10:15AM Introductions

Jeane Manning speaks on energy related subjects.

10:15-10:30AM Coffee break/Q&A. Informal time to talk to each other.

10:15-Noon. Detailed demonstrations of every Renaissance charger. Future projections. Q&A.

Noon-1:15 Lunch break

1:15-3PM John Bedini Surprise Events and talks.

3-3:15PM Coffee break/Q&A

3-6:30PM John Bedini Surprise Events and talks./Q&A

6:30-7PM Viewing of Energizers and Chargers. Informal time to talk to each other.

Many Night Social events planned.

"X marks the spot. You can't miss it!"

More Details:

The CDA Resort is downtown so there are plenty of restaurants and things to do. For details you can visit their website at

Besides having "the world's most Romantic" Spa, the Resort has two nice restaurants: Dockside on the main floor, and Beverly's 5 Star restaurant on the 7th floor. You may also want to try Cedar's floating restaurant on the lake a few miles away. Many restaurants in the area and other buildings like the resort are owned by Hagadone. There is a nice lounge with a warm fireplace and piano at the Resort.

The cost is $480 or 350 (without kit and meals) per person. This includes 3 full days (30 hours) at the conference as well as a new take home Energizer kit. Lunch served all days. Also included is the discount on hotel rates. Hotels usually provide pickup from the airport as well for a fee. All money received will go to the Conference, kit parts given out, and costs to make it happen. We will be accepting money for advertisement, and will accept a limited number of vendors.

There will be a few other companies displaying products. A few other companies have asked to come to the last Convention. Send us an email if you are interested and have a relevant business [email protected]

The feedback we get from people is that they all want to visit the Bedini shop and spend time with us. This is no longer possible for several reasons. So this workshop gives people a chance to spend time with us and others of like-mind in actual building. We want to make it as flexible and informal as people want it. A lot more question and answer time, as well as building and experimenting. We will have the large monopole energizers there and several other motors. The November 2010 event went well and this will surpass that event in many respects. Unfortunately we cannot say everything we will show.
To use our website shopping cart to pay, click here.

To pay, send $480 or $350 to:
Renaissance Charge, LLC.
10183 N Aero Dr. Ste 3
Hayden, ID 83835

Or pay with credit card: $480 

Or help us get this going and partially register with $100 or $200 right now, and pay the rest later.

$100  $200  $80 

Rick Friedrich
General Manager
Renaissance Charge, LLC.

Parking during the event is unfortunately not free. We recommend people buy monthly passes even if you are parking only for three days. Contact the resort for ordering monthly pass. Transportation from the airport is also not free. People are encouraged to organize their flight arrival times for group transport to the Resort if they are not renting a vehicle.

Renaissance Charge Spa Coeur dAlene Resort Specials.

Group rates for the Spa are also available under the event name: Renaissance. Reservations: 208-765-2300 Ext-5019. Email: [email protected] 8AM-8PM


Please note that a special time extension is available to Renaissance customers during the three days of the Convention. We are able to extend the hours of the Spa each hour after 8PM so long as we have 14 appointments each hour. Please let them know well in advance of your interest of after-hours appointments.

Relevant Links: Sponsoring company selling Battery chargers, electronics and kits. John Bedini's website

BediniMonpole3 Yahoo Email discussion group Open Forum discussing this Tech.

BediniMonpole4 Yahoo Email discussion group for the Convention Details. Parent company's website and owner of the Monopole tech.


We are working hard to hopefully give everyone the most enjoyable vacation in the US. The CDA Resort sales team is also working hard on this. That is, we are assuming many people will be spending a week or two, so we are planning not only to work on planning optional night-life activities but also events a week before and after. So all the businesses and services connected to the hotel will be considered and reviewed and contacted to try and enhance this experience. Please see the following CDA Resort link for activities to give you an idea of what is available. We will soon create a large webpage to give you all the details and extra events.

This will include every restaurant in the area, all the hotels, night clubs, services, etc. And we will also include attempts to get discounts at the large fun-park Silverwood, and numerous other places. One or more boat cruses may be planned. We will attempt to give people an understanding of what is available and what is recommended. Downtown CDA is changing before July in many respects. We will let you know the details through this growing publication. We know what it is like to visit a city and not know where to begin. So we will work till the last day on this part of your experience, which really has nothing to do with our Convention. But let us say that absolutely no one will regret staying the weekend, a week, or two weeks, for both the Convention and what we are working on in this respect. So this is why we need as much payment as soon as possible to be able to assure companies that we have the numbers here in order to be able to give people 10% to 50% discounts.

So essentially we hope to offer a whole vacation package (both through Renaissance directly, and indirectly allowing people to use the name to save on everything you can) so that the cost of the Convention will not compare to the savings people will have from what they would have paid for vacationing in CDA. This starts with the hotel rates and meals. We did everything we could to make last weekend worth coming to, and we will continue to do the same for the next 8 months. We have started right away to gather all the people in on this project and assign everyone the tasks. We are resting and recovering from all the intensity of the last Conference, yet we are getting geared up to get to work on this. All budgets are mostly worked out, all major projects decided upon, and people contacted.

We would also like to open up the Convention to advertising and for vendors to sell books and services. Hopefully this will provide funds for some of the larger projects. All funds will go to making this as spectacular an experience as possible.



We need everyone to participate in the voting polls to give you the most options.

    Practical and Efficient Alternative Energy Solutions.

We will attempt to show and demonstrate a wide variety of products and prototypes that will enable people to really save energy and maintenance costs. From the most advanced solar charging technology to the revelations of the new air batteries, we will help you discover the new Renaissance World of Cutting Edge Technology. Help us shape the world tomorrow.

    Quality Workshop building of such systems.
As interested people you wish not only to see this technology demonstrated, but you wish to have hands on experience in replicating samples of these devices alongside the inventor John Bedini and his associates. Renaissance Charge opens this rare door with a record 30 hour Convention where one third of the time will be spent in hands-on workshops and related activities. Hundreds of people from all over the world will meet in person for the first time to discuss their replications. Some of these attendees will present their replications for a contest to be voted on by thousands of Renaissance friends and customers. In this you will see how all the research over the years culminating in one huge event reveals how Bedini has made this truly one of the most fascinating open source technologies.
    Free Energy from the Vacuum in Over Unity Systems.
This year Renaissance Charge moves to the next stage and introduces a new direct focus on Free Energy and Overunity Systems. For years we have carefully brought forth various battery chargers that allow our customers to keep their batteries and even bring back useless batteries from the dead. In this we have given our customers something uniquely free and efficient. Over the same years we have created many online forums where we have helped to educate the public about Overunity systems while working with John Bedini and Energenx in Research and Development. In the last few years we designed and sold educational kits and electronic parts as well as books and dvds to assist in this process. At this upcoming Convention we hope to take everything we are doing to the next level and demonstrate our systems in the most impressive and practical manner. Some of the proposed models are mentioned above, while others will remain a surprise to the last hour.
    How to Run your Home and Vehicles on Renaissance Technology and Keep your Batteries.
At the last Convention in November we began showing some of our larger systems and answered many of the questions people had about them. We showed the 10 coiler running itself continuously with a prototype battery swapper. We started off the meetings driving into the room on a rider lawnmower which was the first of its kind to be self-powered. We showed several other energizers in the works, along with the large 30 coiler which everyone could examine. Finally we showed the 13 foot big monopole energizer, which is the largest in the world. This final surprise mystified the crowed so that all further scheduled plans were set aside to give people a chance to fully examine this rarity. What was lacking in that meeting was the next stage of our process. For lack of time we were unable to get into the practical application of this technology as we wish to this time. Yes we showed a rider lawnmower and built together a small sample of our energizers to make a start in the right direction. But something more is desired for this next meeting where we have a lot more time to plan and focus in on practical application. This year we will hear testimony and see presentations of those who have built these systems. And we will show many more examples of how you can use this technology in all kinds of motor, light, and electrical applications. We plan on showing the Renaissance Porsche and a cabin cruiser boat being powered just as the lawnmower was. Some of the registered are already scheduled for rides in these vehicles. Other surprises will be shown at the right time. Further, we will explain the details of how to make such conversions and begin the process of producing motors and training people for installations. Several new products will be introduced beyond the new line of electric vehicle chargers. For example, we will unveil the new motor controller that takes the energizer motor application to a new level of size and power and give us digital control over the same. Finally, the 30 coiler and several other monopole energizers will show the Bedini-Watson type system putting out serious power on-demand, the details of which will not be shared till the end of July. Some attention will be given to basic practical matters and resources provided so that everything will be covered for off-grid independence. This will be a packed weekend without mentioning all the surprises John Bedini has in store for everyone.
    Why Renaissance is The Green Technology of the Future, saving People, Companies, Nations, and the Earth.
We realize that people are interested in this technology for various reasons. Some are impassioned to find something free, and will stop at nothing to get it. Others are driven to disprove old conventional theories and wish for a whole new science to be developed. But others still wish to save the earth or at least reduce the pollution humans have created over the centuries. These are coming to this convention to learn about THE greenest technology in its class. Yes, Renaissance charging technology has reached the eyes of the highest levels of governments around the world. Some of the biggest polluters of the earth have shown interest in reducing the same with our technology. Now they can drastically reduce the amount of toxic battery materials going into land-fills by showing their citizens how to keep their batteries and restore most useless batteries. Now the trend towards lithium battery usage can be reversed to further reduce this destructive polluting trend. Further, the debate about the cost and pollution of electric vehicles over the cost and pollution of petroleum powered vehicles is finally settled as batteries can now be kept while replacement is drastically reduced. This is only considering the one side of this technology: proper charging of batteries to ensure battery longevity and battery restoration. This is Phenomenal and Revolutionary. But the other side of the coin is the efficiency we have realized in our energizers that are motors and generators at the same time. While we never expect to totally eliminate the use of petroleum for fuel and plastic and so many other uses, we can now reduce our dependence upon these kinds of fuels for transportation, electrical power, and heating and refrigeration. At the convention last year we featured the Renaissance Porsche newly converted to 100% electric power. Since then we have seen the 144 volt pack of golf-cart batteries in this car only gain in voltage and capacity with daily use. These brand new batteries started off where we were only able to charge them to 165 volts, and four months later they are charged to 191 volts, and after 10 miles driving still hold resting voltages of 151 volts in mid Northern Idaho winter! Let us remember that 12.6 volts (or 12.6 times 12 batteries is 151.2) is considered a fully charged battery! So while the other cars out there lose 50% of their life over a year of daily driving, Renaissance vehicles and our customers keep their batteries and may even see gains! So how will the world take it when we show the car and boat go more than the extra mile with mere battery rejuvenation, longevity and increased capacity, when we show the Renaissance motor and controller? With Renaissance Charge you can truly feel good about driving your Porsche for pennies or less. But for Industry and Governments the sky is the limit.

* ADVANCED WORKSHOP (Limited attendance with early registration): The only condition for any of the 250 attending the advanced workshop (instead of attending the main workshop) is that they have already gone beyond the basics in this technology and have built a Bedini monopole energizer, tested it, and reported (and that means showing pictures) on the Bedini_Monopole3 group their results as requested on that group in order to join the advance groups.

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