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Free Energy

Imagine a day where

  • not a drop of oil is needed for fuel

  • hydrogen is freely made from water for fuel

  • no pollution is produced from energy production or usage

  • the environment is cleaned in energy production and usage

  • people are cleaned, healed and invigorated in energy production and usage

  • heating and cooking costs nothing but time and appliances

  • travel is just the same without wearing out roads

  • cancer-causing radiation is no longer needed

  • wars over energy are viewed as ancient history

  • those who actually help people and this earth are instead honored as the heroes

Imagine then a day where electric is open path and doesn't close the loop to kill the source charge...

Carlos F. Benitez An Ignored Pioneer of Free Energy Technology

Benitez, an influence in Free Energy Technology.
It is rather remarkable that Carlos F. Benitez gets so little credit for his patents filed 100 years ago when the processes he shared in them have been built on by such people as Ed Gray, Bedini and many others. While thousands know the later names and have attempted to replicate their secondary work, I find no one attempting to replicate Benitez work even though his patents are the easiest to understand. This is a mystery to me.
There are fundamental misunderstandings of batteries in the free energy research world, as well as the general alternative energy world, and this misunderstanding has caused people like Patrick Kelly in his Free Energy Info book to completely disregard one or more of the Benetiz Energy Generation Systems. After recommending the Benitez System as a worthy pursuit we find amid some useful interjections several seriously mistaken statements about batteries, starting with the following:
“According to Carlos, there is a slight overall drain on the battery system and so, after about an hour, the switches are operated, changing the series-connected batteries to become parallel-connected and the parallel-connected batteries to become series-connected. This timing seems odd as switching the batteries over much more frequently only requires batteries with a much lower capacity.”
Here Kelly recommends frequent battery rotation, which is consistent with his very detailed focus on the popular “Tesla Switch” which rapidly rotates batteries. However, those familiar with batteries and all the types of battery environments, will know that frequently rotating batteries is what ruins them more than any other type of abuse beyond overheating them. This is the problem with batteries used with solar systems. The lead acid batteries in such systems, for example, experience too much stress in this way, and thus the plates become ruined. Batteries need time to rest between being charged and loaded and being loaded and charged. To force them back and forth is the equivalent to work-hardening metals. I have carefully studied this and observed this for many years as my work is in battery rejuvenation technology and I daily converse with people all over the world about their battery systems. These Tesla Switches are actually battery killers worse than solar chargers. While they may produce some apparent benefit for a short demonstration, no one shows one in continual use for the obvious reason that it is a fast battery killer. So it is ironic that Kelly actually gets this completely and fundamentally wrong in thinking it is “odd” for Benitez to opt for a slower battery rotation rate, as well as with the mistake that batteries have a limited and relatively short life:
“The patent continues with a description of how a modified clock can be made to move the commutator once every hour. This is a brilliant 2 kilowatt, self-powered, free-energy design. However, operating the design as described would not be realistic. Batteries nowadays have limited operational lives offering, typically, between 400 and 1000 charge/discharge cycles within the C20 discharge current limits. Exceeding the C20 discharge rate will reduce the battery life by a major amount, that amount being determined by the degree of abuse which the battery suffers. If we ignore that factor and say that our batteries will manage 1000 cycles, at the proposed rate of say, one hour discharge and one hour charging time, then battery replacement is liable to be required in just 500 hours of operation. That is, within three weeks of continuous operation. The essential, rapid switching of this circuit is performed by the spark-gap but in contrast to that, the commutator switching of the batteries does not require high speed operation. It is feasible then, to replace the commutator with simple solid-state switching and swap the batteries over every second or two. That way, the batteries are never discharged and long battery life can be expected.”
It makes no sense to call this system brilliant if it is a battery killer. But the fact is that it isn't one. Kelly is stuck on the popular myth in free energy circles that batteries need to be discharged at a C20 rate to be safe when there is no support for such a claim. It may be true that starter batteries should not be deep-cycled or discharged regularly faster than a C20 rate, but the entire golf-cart industry will testify that their batteries are discharged much faster. In fact, with the Renaissance battery charging technology I discharged my 144V pack of golf-cart batteries at the C1 rate of discharge almost daily with my electric Porsche conversion with a steady gain in capacity over three years. We, and thousands of our customers all over the world, have also brought back countless batteries from a state of uselessness, which can show signs of gaining in capacity after even 10 years after they were formerly discarded. While it is true that with conventional charging practices batteries can become damaged and/or sulfated over many cycles, it is now widely known that with proper battery charging this limit of cycles does not exist. Further, Benitez was not using lead acid batteries so these comments of Kelly's were unwisely interjected in this Benitez patent. The Edison batteries he was using were far better than the lead-acid Kelly is referring to. Yet Kelly is fundamentally wrong about even lead-acid batteries. And what is ironic is that he complains that the Benitez system would kill batteries in 500 hours, when they wouldn't, but suggests rapidly rotating batteries around which actually would kill such batteries in much less time. I know this because I deal with all the experimenters who have so killed their batteries with this battery killer Tesla Switch system. I also know how people jump to conclusions about the benefits of something before they test out the long-term benefits and even the biological dangers such systems can cause to the users. So it is remarkable that one of the best systems that Kelly presents in his book he mistakes, disregards, and dogmatically insists Benitez is wrong about while recommending that which actually ruins batteries. We see this in the following quote from the patent followed by Kelly's comments in brackets:
“Suppose that both of the batteries are accumulators with a voltage of 60 volts each and a capacity of 40 AHr. Under such conditions, if battery 1-2 discharges at the rate of 40 amperes, it will be fully discharged in one hour. [Please note that this is not so and is only being stated here for discussion purposes. A lead-acid battery will be damaged if discharged at a rate greater than the “C20” rate which is the rated AHr value over a period of 20 hours, and so, a lead-acid battery of 40 AHr should not be discharged at more than 40 / 20 = 2 amps. Also, batteries are highly non-linear and discharging a 40 AHr battery at 40 amps will result in a fully discharged battery in a lot less than one hour.]”
But it actually is so. And Benitez did not mention this for discussion purposes. Nonsense. If a lead-acid battery is damaged when discharged faster than the 20 hour rate then every battery manufacturer would state this. But in fact deep cycle batteries are rated at C5, C8, C20, C100, etc., rates which are daily used for years at C5 and lower rates. It is not the C rate of discharge that damages a battery but the way it is charged that does most of the damage. Again, it is true that if you treat a starter battery as a deep cycle battery then you can so damage it, but this is common knowledge and not recommended by any manufacturer. Furthermore, batteries rated at 40AH can give out 40 amps over 1 hour. We have seen batteries gain in capacity to do more than this. While it is true that Peukert's law does reveal that the faster a battery is discharged the less power you get to use, this does not mean that a 40AH Edison battery will give you 40 amps in “a lot less than one hour.” Benitez showed he was fully justified to make this claim as it would be approximately an hour. Kelly suggests a lot less without knowing about batteries really. Kelly again continues on with these same mistaken ideas which amount to turning off the reader from considering the Benitez system to be practical:
“Carlos also produced another design, this time working with batteries (although he tended to think in terms of 60- volt battery banks rather than 12-volt batteries) and his patent includes what we tend to call “the Tesla Switch” nowadays. However, instead of switching it rapidly, Carlos uses a switching time interval of one hour. The lower voltage overcomes the need for the switching contacts to be submerged in oil. The problem with lead-acid batteries is that they are only 50% efficient. In practical terms, you only get out of a charged battery half of the current fed into it when it is being charged. So, if you just switch four batteries and power a load that way, the batteries will definitely discharge.”
Kelly needlessly interjects that Benitez thinks about batteries as 60 volts when nothing in his wording suggests this. What is also ironic in all this is that the Tesla Switch comes from Benitez, but it is not done the right way. If it had been beneficial to switch batteries rapidly as he did with capacitors in these same patents, then he would have suggested the idea. But this actually abuses batteries as all who actually do the experiments find out. Furthermore, lead-acid batteries are not only 50% efficient. Who says this? The battery charger can be very inefficient and a machine using batteries can also be inefficient. While conventionally charging a battery is obviously not 100% efficient, it is well above 50%. Again, another problem is conventional charging contributes to sulfating such batteries and over time the batteries that are more and more sulfated take longer and longer to charge. But such comments are greatly mistaken and only serve to distract the reader from considering this remarkable Benitez system as practical. It may be that Kelly confuses batteries with capacitors. Even Benitez shares the commonly know fact that unlike batteries, when two equal capacitors, one being fully charged, and the other being fully discharged, are connected in parallel, after they have equalized the total available power or charge between the two will be half of what was in before they were put in parallel. And yet Benitez system of doing this with capacitors still manages to restore the primary capacitor's charge every cycle, and which his battery systems manage to fully charge, or more than fully charge, the charging battery each cycle, while it is admitted that under normal conditions the losses in doing that (that is not in the transfer of supposed energy, but rather from the internal discharges of the source battery) would be some 409W typically from a 2000W (40A x 60V) rate of charge.
Benitez Patents Foundational Free Energy Systems

The careful reading of the Benitez patents will reveal that his ideas were foundational to a lot of the free energy research that has been done over the last 100 years. Tesla never gave the world such a clear method for harvesting energy in such ways. Yet he is the primary focus of hundreds of thousands of free energy enthusiasts all over the world. Many people have unknowingly borrowed from these Benitez ideas and he has not been given due credit. His patents are unambiguously claiming overunity. They are all self-running systems. They are practical, inexpensive and require no exotic parts. They produce additional power in the form of charged capacitors, charged batteries, powered lights, resistive loads, AC and DC motors powered, etc. Original transformer arrangements and associated processes were disclosed by Benitez that are at the foundation for so many asymmetrical systems people are experimenting with and even claim as their own ideas today. Why has Benitez been forgotten? Why are other people, who built upon his foundation, the representatives of his work? I am not one to care much about who came up with ideas as we all receive good things from above. But I am more than curious why he is forgotten and why no one bothers to go to the source and even try to replicate his work. I hope this begins to set the record straight, and people can actually find what they are looking for in this as the practical energy solution so many others are promising but not delivering. In one day of reading the Benitez patents you will be far better off in really understanding how to achieve self-running overunity than in spending years in the free energy communities ever looking but always mystified and beyond reach of anything practical.

Selfish Unthankful Circuits or Loving Giving Paths. The Road to True Liberty.

 Feb 17, 2016. By Rick Friedrich. 

This is my work on the subject of Free Energy and which will be part of a new free energy website. This is an attempt to show the world in the simplest way how to have all the power they need in 3 different steps (I made this more of an outline to go with the video and the full details of how our motors run are not mentioned for simplicity). Let this simple analogy of selfishness, opposite to being Loving, be used to transform our world by God's grace! 

As you will see I have added two more important stages than previously shown in the context of Selfish Circuits and Loving Paths. My paper:

 should make a little more sense now. I wrote it with the intention of including all four diagrams but wanted to wait until after first showing the later two at the Feb 12-13 2016 Goshen Indiana convention. 

Selfish Circuits and Loving Paths

Selfish and Unthankful Circuits or Loving and Giving Paths

Keeping for Yourself what was Given to Everyone

By Rick Friedrich

[This may not seem like it is relevant to free energy until you read it through to see the connections.]

Let him that stole steal no more, but rather let him labour, working with his hands that which is good, that he may have to give to him that is in need. (Ephesians 4:28)

Why Should I give away this Free Energy?

This is not a sermon but rather my reasons for my efforts in revealing to the world free energy in the simplest way of understanding it. I do not claim to have invented this, or to have first discovered these things, but that does not matter because “no one can receive anything unless it is given from heaven.” I am thankful for those who have shared their discoveries with the world and mostly to God for giving this to us.

In the first diagram I call the selfish circuit also an unthankful circuit. This is because the extra potential energy produced because of the coil is normally disregarded as useless when in fact we show it can be used for several purposes. This is like a beggar who is starving for food ignoring and throwing away half the food he is given as well as the opportunity for him to make his own food. It seems that since Tesla first tried to show the world how to benefit from these methods that various inventors and businessmen have tried to create unique ways to sell products that produce the same effects. Patents have been filed and granted, and few if any want to show the world in the simplest way how to produce free energy. And why should they? Does the world deserve the knowledge of how to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate their power dependence? Do people have a right to sell products that make them depend on them rather than just showing people how to do it for themselves. It is hard to answer that question when you work in this field and have greatly contributed to this science and have not been paid for your work. In my life I have now given many years to this work and have freely shared what I know. Along the way, a few people who have known more information than what the public has access to, have told me to also 'keep back some things so that you will have something more than everyone else.' Is this right? Why should I? If I freely received it, shall I not freely give it? This is hard to decide. In what sense should we try and make money off of what we know rather than give that knowledge away and no longer make any money off of it because then people do not need you. Are we bound to give the whole world the truth about everything or shall we keep back some things for ourselves? I have decided that it is better to give it away in the simplest of ways for the good of mankind, and so risk becoming unneeded, rather than to keep it for myself and make a little money for keeping the world largely in the dark when it is in my power to do otherwise.

My History of Selfishness and how God can Change Us

Walk with me now a little as I show my experience of selfishness and make the needed connection to recent years and the circuits we use. My story goes back many years to my youth in Toronto. I was a troubled youth and was turned off from the Christian church because I saw no difference in it than the world. I had family problems and I was selfish to the core. I skipped most classes in grade 9 and thus failed. For three years I was involved in crime. Early on I taught myself how to hot wire cars and during the same years was approaching the character that Charlie Sheen played in the 1987 No Man's Land movie. I soon got into a gang and was used by older members to do crazy things in order to fit in and have the security of a gang. I had a claustrophobic insecurity going into high school, when in those days the nifty niners would get seriously picked on by the older grades. It was some comfort to me to eventually have a gang to protect me, which was the toughest around. Those were reckless years and over time the soul gets more and more hardened and careless so that I eventually got caught by the police. I was on the edge and had nothing to live for but the rush of living on the edge. Yet in the midst of my darkest hour I could never deny the existence of God. And as I ran from teachers by day, and police at night, through neighborhoods and in car chases, I could not put away from me the divine presence from my consciousness. I would lose sight of the officer chasing me and it felt like I was running from God. I felt like Jonah running from God and that He wanted me to do something important for Him. But I did not know God at all and really didn't have any interest in being religious. All I knew about religion in my generation did not interest me at all. On many occasions I should have died due to accidents and reckless chases where I jumped over high fences without even knowing what was on the other side. I still have scars from those selfish years. We said we would always stop before we got old enough to serve hard time as adults. But friends continued. One day just before I turned 16 I had taken my last car and swapped out parts to an old car I just bought and was driving around for a few days. I was with my friend driving towards an intersection and my breaks failed and I was hit by a big truck, and again, should have died. We got out fine but what he said troubled me. He said something so unlike him. He said exactly, “Wouldn't it have been neat if we would have died there, as we would have gone to the same place?” I thought surely I we would have ended in miserly. And as I walked home from that accident I knew that nothing would ever be the same and something totally different was ahead. I moped around for days completely dissatisfied with life. Then I decided to go get my things out of my wrecked car. And when I got there they arrested me. Someone had towed the one car I had stripped down to the same yard that my car was towed to and parked them beside each other and figured out what had happened. So at that point I really didn't care about anything anymore. I had my fun and it destroyed me inside and out. Three days from the accident I received another well timed trigger in my life (this was now the third remarkable thing like this). I got a phone call and was invited to a church by a former girlfriend. I really didn't want to go as I was opposed to Christian belief but ended up being convinced to give it a go. I liked some of the social aspects enough to continue going. Two weeks later I got my shots and prints on my sweet 16. Going to church helped me get out of the really bad crowd and kept me from going to jail, but my heart was not changed and my sins were just modified. Not much influence in the church moved me towards giving my heart to God fully. The influences there were mostly counter-productive and only encouraged modifying my selfish heart. There was no talk or encouragement towards me making restitution for all the evil I had done. So I continued on for a year until another major incident happened that let me feel the hand of God again in my life (yes a toilet spontaneously blew up at the perfect time—long story). I had the courage because of that definite sense of the divine involvement in my life to let go of many things and begin to seek Him. Yet not fully, as I feared the idea of having to go back and face everyone I had wronged, as that would be a seemingly impossible task. So for almost another year I was earnest in many ways and was definitely awakened. And a few things definitely stirred me to my core. The pastor of this same church invited me to look after his home while he was gone a day or two. So I stayed there and found this book on the table called Answers to Prayer by Charles G. Finney (I now republish all of his works on I decided to look at it and as I read it I could not put it down. I could not believe the experiences this man was relating and the faith he had before God. This was nothing I had seen in my life and I was very interested to know more. This influence, along with spending a lot of time in the Bible itself and examining very thoroughly the evidences for the faith, weighed heavy upon my heart. And these influences, contrary to everyone around, lead me to realize that I must do what I could to repair the damages I had done to so many people. I saw that I was still totally selfish no matter what good works I supposed I was doing now, and however much time I was in Christian activities. I could not even face those I had stolen from. I feared going to jail over these things and had no idea what would be involved in beginning restitution. But in time I let go of all things and gave my heart fully to the Lord, come what may. I had no other object than to follow all truth no matter what problems may come. I realized that my own family would greatly oppose me for attempting to make restitution and the this church would also reject the idea of a Christian actually giving themselves fully to God and living a godly life. I wrestled with God that one night and He changed me and showed me what I could never let myself see before, and yet He had been showing me for my whole life. He showed me how much He loved me in His patience and tripping up my way. I had never really understood how anyone could not be selfish, and the unselfish love of Jesus Christ broke my heart down as I saw what He did for me, and that He really could take away my anger and selfish heart in this world. I could never take Christian claims seriously, as is the same with most skeptics, when their religion just amounted to God pardoning them while living and continuing to have the same heart and life as those not professing. Today I have finished and published a chapter on this:

I could not take things seriously no matter how many proofs I saw for Christianity. It just was not existentially relevant to me until this revelation of the love of God and His promise to actually dwell with us and completely change our hearts and lives (and it still has taken me some 25 years to write that paper in the clarity I now have on the subject). I learned that He actually came for this purpose and was named Jesus to save people from their sins and not in their sins. That he came to take away our selfish heart and make it of the spirit of heaven was so important to me and is to every youth still today. For I was sick of living for myself, it was so unsatisfying. I had come to see that I was made for an entirely different purpose and my way was just frustrated by trying to get rather than give. I had to let go rather than try and control. I had to seek the good of others to actually find the happiness I was contradictorily trying to posses. You cannot seek happiness directly, you cannot force it or get it with a selfish heart. It comes most unexpectedly when you give up and treat everything justly and in proper balance. When you put God in His place first, and treat others as you know you ought to be treated, then you are surprised to experience happiness because you, for the first time, were not directly seeking it and trying to control everything. You let it go and gave yourself to the good of others. This is what happened and I bless God for His extreme grace in my life.

So I did begin the next day, in my 17th year, to make restitution. It took me five years to go back to 3 high schools, one middle school, and walk down countless streets in the big city of Toronto, trying to remember just where I did what to whom. It was a very humbling experience. The first one was the biggest one pertaining to a large store I worked at and I expected to face serious time for what I had done. Yet I was forgiven and everyone in the store was completely awestruck by the story. So I continued on day after day, and year after year I would remember something done here or there. Out of thousands of people I met I only had one bad experience where an old man would not hear me. Another experience that started out bad turned out to also make shockwaves. This man had lost property that never was recovered. So when I called him he was furious. But a week later he drove up to my house and could not believe that I was going to pay him back after 4 or 5 years. So he told everyone about it and was absolutely thrilled. There were so many experiences like this that I was so clearly convinced of my need to do that at that time in my life. I had caused so much mischief and distrust in society that it was only right that I try and reverse that trend and restore some faith lost. My brother ended up doing similar things around the same time and no doubt the city of Toronto may have had a revelation of God's grace towards hopeless sinners. The scripture I took as my own is the one at the top of this paper. And while this first experience was a major focus in my life in those early years, I also gave myself in a similar way in every way I could. I worked as a mechanic and would fix up cars and give them to people in need. I worked in 5 different group homes over three years for people who were mentally and physically challenged. After changing my new ministry's name a few times it is now called Alethea (Truth) In Heart where I republished old classics which I made freely available on the internet and to CDs before the net. I say not this to boast but merely to show that God can change a wretch like me to go from purely reckless selfishness to then be moved by the impulse of heaven. Why do people calling themselves Christians today think it so strange that God would want to dwell in His temple and fill it with love divine towards everyone? This was the message of Jesus, John, Peter and Paul was it not?

How can Circuits be Selfish and Open Paths be Loving?

So now we move to these circuits and how does all this relate to free energy and selfishness?? Well, 12 or more years ago I started researching into alternative energy and sorted through a lot of false and ignorant and credible claims. I had heard that you could get energy from the air somehow. So after learning so much about Tesla and others in his generation, I also found other notable inventors still living that were representatives of similar technology. Some had impossible personalities, but I was willing to find truth wherever it could be found. After finding all that I had originally wanted in about the first 6 months of research and experimentation, I decide to give my time to promoting this important information. For the next three years I created 5 or more forums, some of them had thousands of members and even more readers. I helped to give some direction to somewhat of a movement which had somewhat more or less existed from the eighties. I received no money for doing any of this and was completely volunteer as I had been in other ministries. During those years many people demanded that circuits, motors and systems be made available for the public so that they could more easily use this technology. So I organized parts to be machined and started winding coils. I just collected enough money for the cost of the parts, shipping, and to have one part for myself. This service grew and I also started in my battery charger company Renaissance Charge in 2007, to design, and sell my chargers. Eventually I merged these together.

So where I am I at now? Over years I learned more and more about improving upon these processes and the picture became clearer and clearer. Tesla is not the easiest to understand and worked mostly in AC, which not what I really work with in my motors. Others use very advanced math and physics that is beyond graduate level experience. Thereare key words often used here and there that are important to understand. But after talking with thousands of people who range from college students, hobbyists, businessmen, professors, and even government, people all over the world seeking answers to understanding what is really going on with our motors and systems and free energy in general, I realize now that they really are not getting the very basics of this at all. They are sill looking at circuits in the conventional way. Even though the motor and videos are fairly simple, and people can think about them and experiment with them and see what happens, they still misunderstand them and therefore fail in their application.

Tyndale's Covenants and Reciprocity.

So it was really only recently, after more than a year of recent conventions in Europe and in the US that it finally clicked with me in an analogy. I had been reading William Tyndale, who gave us the first English Bible (500 years ago) translated from the original languages; his life, martyrdom and great influence upon our language and culture. I was fascinated with his godly life and pure beliefs that were so contrary to his times and even those leading figures after him. He was and has always been suppressed, and even today few people know much about him. So I found in him a very unique view of covenants made between God and man that contradict so much Christian theology today. He said things like if you do not forgive others God will not forgive you. Simple enough for those who read these words from Jesus, but not really popular today for those who say Christianity is not about God making you better but merely that you are considered righteous in name only. So here we are again back to the same vexing idea as earlier in this paper. Well this idea of Tyndale's covenants lead me to think of the word reciprocal and reciprocity which is not unfamiliar language with Newton. So I was thinking of the connection between the pulsing of a motor coil and, what I have used in the most simple terms (for the common reader) to be called the duplicate or mirror or echo power resulting in the charging of another battery or powering another load (as we have done for many years in our motors). And while I was considering the spiritual nature of the covenants Tyndale was bringing up in his introduction to the New Covenant (otherwise called Testament), that they were pure and unselfish examples of virtuous actions between God and man, I realized that the same problems exist in morals and spiritual matters which exist between conventional understanding, with its circuits that the whole world uses, and with all free energy circuits. So in morals we find two different kinds of actions and circuits if you will. There are those who are selfish and those who are unselfish. And if you consider carefully the true nature of things you will see that people are usually entirely selfish every moment of every day until that selfishness can be reversed by divine grace, or they are indeed redeemed from this moral depravity and unending nightmare. And this is why I took so long to develop this idea that was so illustrated in my life. I feel the full force of these things having seen my selfishness so vividly in so many ways. And it is my great desire to help anyone be free from the same. Even after I made some of the most advanced discoveries lately in free energy, I felt little desire to pursue this technology in light of the fact that the great need for this world is not in technology but in fact finding the very presence of God in their own lives that can indeed rectify all of our problems. And it was as if everything was perfectly timed again to bring this all together. I have often wondered if there was any important reason for me to be in this work, and if the good Lord would somehow use it for the good of mankind and perhaps his spiritual kingdom. Maybe my time in all this has been in vain? But suddenly I saw it come together in this because of good Tyndale. I saw how the closed loop circuit in conventional everyday circuits are in what could be considered a selfish loop or path and that any truly free energy circuit is in an open path that is analogous to a loving or benevolent giving to another. And so I saw not only the perfect analogy to make it simple and catchy enough for the whole world to finally and readily see, but also a way to glorify God and draw all men to see just how He gives us His grace so freely to all!! Praise Him! Praise Him! What better way than to show it in this simple analogy. When you close the loop with a motor and the flyback diode, you kill the potential given to you, that you can use to power an identical load. That power in the coil itself, as it is for that moment, is not only powering the mechanical load, but there is a duplication (not trying to be technical here) of the potential energy available to be used elsewhere, if it is but connected. This added load, instead of the diode, which I say by analogy is selfishly placed, this added load (as we have shown as a battery) is a receiver of this free grace and love so-to-speak. When a motor is pulsed, like in a brushless motor in your computers, the coil has something else going on at the same moment that is always considered a problem to be eliminated rather than channeled in the right direction. This is like the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. The pessimist sees life as partly or mostly meaningless or against him and the optimist has faith that things work out somehow. In this case the pessimist will just try and clamp out this negative or destructive force rather than consider that maybe it could be used for something useful. And still further analogy is in the fact that selfishness blinds the eyes whereas virtue is thorough, honest, unprejudiced, open, seeking good, etc. The schools teach these circuits even though some of the greatest authorities in electrical engineering have shown us there is more (Like Gabriel Kron). The schools teach students from earliest ages to make prejudiced judgments in never teaching them how to think but rather what to believe. They are put in a little box and never allowed out of it even at the PhD level. All you are allowed to do is draw a closed loop and never report or care about what happens when you pulse things. What happens has been shown over 100 years ago now if any will bother to research. Selfishness covets, and controls and manipulates people so that they cannot have the grace of God given to them. It sells things that are given freely. Selfish circuits are the only thing most people have ever heard of. They pay for their energy because their circuits kill the very source of their energy rather than multiplying it. Yet the creation has revealed a different reality. Biology shows us a different kind of energy man cares little to explore. And when we wish to consider the ways God has established from the beginning maybe then we can find what we have been wanting all along. Maybe if people had bothered to look at how a bird's wing was shaped that they then could see how flight was possible with very easy experimentation. But when you are blinded by prejudice then you cannot see what is flying above your heads all day long. You can also show videos and demonstrations but people will not see it because they can't see it because they are committed to not seeing. There is a Will controlling their judgment and research. It is selective research to find only facts that support one belief. That belief is paid for by those who profit the most in this world. One big circle. One big closed loop! One selfish circuit that breeds only selfishness and injustice. While the open loop gives freely to all, if they but open their minds, it is just the same with all of God's grace. Open up not to close upon itself, just as if to eat bread only to use your energy for yourself. But eat so you can give to all with loving arms. Open your arms in fullness of joy! Pulse your motor and rotate your wheel, but now also charge another battery or power a light at the same time. Freely the pulse is given in openness, so freely it gives to another. In the same way that you are causing a force in the motor coil, you do unto the other battery or another coil the same. How is that for another analogy? Both are reciprocal actions in a way. This is real energy. People trivialize it, but it is not even limited to being equal, and can be greater depending on how open your arms are or how big the receiving load is (and that is another story, second chapter so to speak).

So it all boils down to the simple analogy how many angles you want to look at it:

A closed loop circuit is like a selfish person who consumes their energy upon themselves and there the good dies in them. An open loop path, on the contrary, is like a giving person who uses the same energy to do the same work, but experiences the satisfaction of multiplying the loaves and fishes and giving it to others in need just the same. This is natural law and this creation testifies of the same.

Now what will you do with this? Will you run off and use it for yourself only? Will you not first seek the God of heaven and thank Him for what He has so freely given you? Will you also seek Him for something so much more important that He also freely gives? Has this truth come to you with out this analogy? Seek Him therefore for His saving grace to take away a selfish heart to be one that continually freely receives and freely gives! Do not believe the false prophets in religion, and the false profits in business and schools, that you can only be a selfish consumer of opposite character to God, or can only have power that runs out. Take off your blinders and see all the facts. Stop selecting facts that people limit you to! Do original research. Test everything, hold fast to the good. Get a hold of the Ultimate Source and thank Him that He really does give us all that we need. Give to others that which matters most. If you give them this truth of loving energy, make sure you show them how it was shown also. For the giving of energy independence is infinitely less important than the giving of spiritual life. I am now satisfied that this work has not been in vain, as this analogy is so perfectly timed and connected with the need for both revelations to man. And Oh that the whole world would open their eyes to these both! What will you do about it my friend?

Rick Friedrich February 4, 2016

The answer is found with Gabriel Kron in Electric circuit Models of the schrodinger Equation. We have made all of our motors into self-runners with this information and demonstrated such at our conventions. 

"PREFACE. Maxwell’s equations are foundational to electromagnetic theory. They are the cornerstone of a myriad of technologies and are basic to the understanding of innumerable effects. Yet there are a few effects or phenomena that cannot be explained by the conventional Maxwell theory. This book examines those anomalous effects and shows that they can be interpreted by a Maxwell theory that is subsumed under gauge theory. Moreover, in the case of these few anomalous effects, and when Maxwell’s theory finds its place in gauge theory, the conventional Maxwell theory must be extended, or generalized, to a nonAbelian form. The tried-and-tested conventional Maxwell theory is of Abelian form. It is correctly and appropriately applied to, and explains, the great majority of cases in electromagnetism. What, then, distinguishes these cases from the aforementioned anomalous phenomena? It is the thesis of this book that it is the topology of the spatiotemporal situation that distinguishes the two classes of effects or phenomena, and the topology that is the final arbiter of the correct choice of group algebra — Abelian or non-Abelian — to use in describing an effect. Therefore, the most basic explanation of electromagnetic phenomena and their physical models lies not in differential calculus or group theory, useful as they are, but in the topological description of the (spatiotemporal) situation. Thus, this book shows that only after the topological description is provided can understanding move to an appropriate and now-justified application of differential calculus or group theory. Terence W. Barrett"
Electromagnetic Phenomena Not Explained by Maxwell’s Equations  [Based on Barrett, T.W., “Electromagnetic phenomena not explained by Maxwell’s equations,” in A. Lakhtakia (ed.), Essays on the Formal Aspects of Maxwell Theory (World Scientific, 1993), pp. 8–86.]
"The conventional Maxwell theory is a classical linear theory in which the scalar and vector potentials appear to be arbitrary and defined by boundary conditions and choice of gauge. The conventional wisdom in engineering is that potentials have only mathematical, not physical, significance. However, besides the case of quantum theory, in which it is well known that the potentials are physical constructs, there are a number of physical phenomena — both classical and quantum-mechanical — which indicate that the Aµ fields, µ = 0, 1, 2, 3, do possess physical significance as global-to-local operators or gauge fields, in precisely constrained topologies....
Although the term “classical Maxwell theory” has a conventional meaning, this meaning actually refers to the interpretations of Maxwell’s original writings by Heaviside, Fitzgerald, Lodge and Hertz. These later interpretations of Maxwell actually depart in a number of significant ways from Maxwell’s original intention. In Maxwell’s original formulation, Faraday’s electrotonic state, the A field, was central, making this prior-to-interpretation, original Maxwell formulation compatible with Yang–Mills theory, and naturally extendable...
This recent extension of soliton theory to linear equations of motion, together with the recent demonstration that the nonlinear Schrödinger equation and the Korteweg–de-Vries equation — equations of motion with soliton solutions — are reductions of the self-dual Yang–Mills equation (SDYM),5 are pivotal in understanding the extension of Maxwell’s U(1) theory to higher order symmetry forms such as SU(2). Instantons are solutions to SDYM equations which have minimum action. The use of Ward’s SDYM twistor correspondence for universal integrable systems means that instantons, twistor forms, magnetic monopole constructs and soliton forms all have a pseudoparticle SU(2) correspondence."

The Assumptions people have about Free Energy are not new in the History of Intellectual Prejudice.