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Renaissance Charge
This site is operated by:
Renaissance Charge, LLC
54038 County rd 43
Middlebury, IN 46540
[email protected]

What We Do
Renaissance Charge is engaged in Research and Development, Sales, Promotion of Technology, and Education pertaining to alternative energy. We sell very unique battery chargers, and motor parts that can be more than efficient battery chargers, and electronic parts. We design these products to meet our customer's requests. We have educated the public extensively through many online forums, sales of educational kits, DVDs, books, while also holding annual Workshop Conventions and frequent meetings to help people understand this technology.


Founded in 2007, Renaissance Charge, LLC. began after many years of researching the viability of pulse battery charging technology. Our mission is to bring products that incorporate this technology to the marketplace. It is our goal to ensure our customers success, and as such, we seek to provide top-notch technical support and advice regarding the use of the technology.

Over the years we have developed and provided highly efficient energy generation systems and several solid-state battery charging systems. One common extraordinary characteristic of all of these systems has always been the unusual benefits the battery receives while being charged with these systems.

Instead of conventional constant current or constant voltage DC charging, batteries charged by electrical pulses with specific shape, frequency, and magnitude trigger improved electrochemical energy charging in the battery. Because of this the life of new batteries can be dramatically extended and the capacity of older batteries, previously unable to be adequately charged by conventional means, can be increased.

Normally useless batteries are commonly restored to working order as indicated by our research. Many years of testing all types of batteries and chargers have convinced us that there is no safer and better technology for batteries. This includes batteries used in automobiles, trucks, farm and industrial equipment, recreational vehicles, solar and wind generation systems, and emergency standby systems. While different chargers are made to be used with specific batteries, we have found that all types of batteries can be improved with this technology. This includes lead-acid starter batteries, deep cycle batteries, gel cell batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and Lithium-ion batteries. Renaissance Charge is committed to continual testing of most types of battery chemistries.

The five major benefits of our technology are the following:

1. Battery Longevity: The chargers extend the battery life indefinitely for lead-acid batteries provided serious abuse does not take place too long. For other battery types it can be the same or at least doubled.

2. Battery Rejuvenation: They can restore most battery types from a useless condition. Approximately 80% of the open flooded Lead-acid battery type in USA/Canada. 50% in countries like Mexico where they often tamper with the batteries and add extra acid or other fillers in them to extend the life. Most other battery types can be rejuvenated as well in percentages close under the 80% range. Restore means back to usable condition ranging typically from 60% to 130% original capacity with an average of 100% return.

3. Battery Capacity Increase: This flows from the last point and is more controversial. These chargers often increase the battery's capacity beyond a restored state, and even beyond what the battery could first produce. In many cases 10-30% increases, and in rare occurrences doubling the capacity. This leads us to a whole new avenue of battery manufacturing that can reduce the weight of the lead-acid battery to perhaps be equal to the weight density of the lithium batteries and thus remove the need for these toxic and dangerous and expensive batteries. We have plans to venture off in that avenue in the future when funding becomes available.

4. Battery Charging Efficiency: We can charge batteries for less energy while they end up giving more load-time. Once batteries get fully rejuvenated then they are more susceptible to charging and can even continue charging while disconnected from the charge way beyond what you see with conventional chargers. The point is that Renaissance Chargers are the solution for efficiency concerns in battery charging while we have pointed the way for OU products in the future.

5. Environmental Benefit: This follows from all of the above points. This technology can clean up much of the battery mess already out there, and can save the world billions of dollars. It can also prevent much toxic manufacturing and disposal. The public will never properly dispose of batteries as a whole no matter what you do, unless you help them restore such batteries so that they can keep them. Further, the reduction of size of batteries means fewer batteries needed, and more space available. Finally, more efficient systems means less energy production, less hazards, and savings all around.

Thank you for your support!